Food Distributors: Buy Food From A Wholesale Company


Food distributor: Wholesale company

Those who market with food know the dynamics that this type of business has, and the threats that usually threaten its success. One of them is that they are mostly perishable products, the transport of which requires proper handling so as not to threaten their condition. If you are in this field, then you can learn about the advantages offered by having a food distributor, and in particular, with the support of our online store Directoro.

What is a food distributor?

Food distribution companies are those whose business is focused on intermediating between food producers and food and beverage, and retail businesses that sell this type of product to the general public. In other words, they link the producers of the sector with the medium and small businesses that offer them to the final consumer.

Food wholesalers usually add essential value to their participation in the supply chain. This is the transport of the products, which due to its characteristics, requires the application of good handling practices, and compliance with sanitary and preservation standards.

For example, think about the logistics involved in carrying dairy, fresh and frozen products from its place of production to the retail outlet. Its transfer implies using an appropriate cold chain, that is, transport and storage units, which allow the frozen product to be kept. Likewise, it must be handled in different sanitized environments, to prevent it from coming into contact with pathogens harmful to the human organism. All this so that when you buy it, you enjoy a fresh and healthy product.

Advantages of buying from a food distributor

If you are a retail food and beverage seller, or you belong to the hospitality sector, you can enjoy the advantages offered by wholesale food distributors. Even if you are not a seller, you can still take advantage of them, associating with family, friends and relatives, to make wholesale purchases together.

The benefits that this type of purchase gives you, are the following:

Best prices

Large food companies, like wholesale food suppliers, base their profitability on volume sales. This means that they sell their products at very competitive prices (compared to retail prices), provided that they are purchased in large quantities. In this way, these companies achieve great savings in their storage and inventory management costs, which then allows them to offer a discount on the prices of their products.

The great prices offered by food suppliers allow retailers and hospitality businesses (restaurants, bars, etc.) to reduce their product acquisition costs. And with this, they can increase their profit margin, or provide offers to their customers in order to position themselves better in their market.

Also, as we have already told you, you can take advantage of these fabulous prices personally, if you partner with others and together they make wholesale purchases. By grouping purchases, each of the participants enjoys a wholesale price. If you want to know how much you can save, enter our site Directoro and be amazed with the prices we offer.

Variety of products

Food and beverage distributors have a wide and varied offer of products, in which you will find different types, presentations and brands. This offers great advantages to retail businesses, as they can expand the diversity of food and beverages they provide to their customers. And with an appropriate diversification strategy, they can attract customers from different economic strata.

Acquisition of quality products

Quality is the key to success in food and beverage sales, because we all reject such products if they do not look fresh and healthy. Therefore, grocery distributors strive to provide only goods with adequate quality, which are attractive and convenient to the retail buyer.

Preserving the quality of the products, sometimes requires their transfer in conveniently refrigerated units. Wholesale food suppliers have them, which guarantees that you receive those in an ideal condition for sale and consumption.

Products with longer shelf life

It is well known that food companies manufacture perishable products, that is, they have an expiration date. Given the high turnover generated by the volume sales of food wholesalers, they usually offer freshly produced food and beverages, and therefore, with a longer shelf life.

Frequently asked questions 

Is it necessary to have a company to buy food from a wholesale distributor?

There are wholesale food distributors that only accept purchases from retail businesses in the field or hospitality companies. Others, as in the case of our Directoro store, also accept purchases from people who do not own businesses.

In a wholesale food distributor, what quantity can I buy?

Each distributor has its own rules about the minimum amount of a product that you can buy in it. This usually varies according to its own characteristics of its packaging, such as the number of products packaged by each box.

Regarding the maximum amount that you can purchase, the limit is imposed by your budgetary capacity and the number of items available in the inventory of the food distributor.

Does the food distributor have a Food Handler's card?

Argentine law stipulates that all people who are in contact with food, at the various stages of the chain, must have a Food Handler's card. This document, issued by the competent health authority, is held by both the staff of the Argentine food companies and the food distributor.

What are you waiting for to enjoy the multiple benefits offered by a wholesale food distributor? Enter our food store Directoro, and choose the items you require for you or your business.