International Removal & Moving from Argentina

International Moving:

International, local and inter-provincial removals and transport, international and local insurance. 
First quality packing of all effects at the client’s residence, which include different kinds of ornaments. Products are individually wrapped in paper and loaded in thick cardboard boxes; furniture is wrapped in corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap; mirrors, glass panes and other fragile items are wrapped and special crates are custom built for further protection.

Deposit Service:

Warehouses for storage of personal effects, general merchandise and other operations.
Depository services include checking and savings accounts, and transfer of funds (e-payments through online banking or debit cards). A number of regulations affect the rules governing these services and protect your rights to receive timely information about fees and interest paid.

Packaging Service:

Packaging of personal effects, office furniture, documentation and more, with unsurpassed quality material. Package Services provide economical ground shipping options for packages which may contain merchandise, catalogs, printed and other media material. Personal correspondence is not to be included in Package Services mailpieces.

Air removal:

Fast shipping, complying with the highest international requirements.

Maritime removal:

High Cube containers, exclusive for your move, or shared cargo.

Land removal:

Used in the most convenient neighboring countries, with exclusive trucks for our customers.