National Agricultural Health Service of Peru (Senasa)


The National Agricultural Health Service of Peru (Senasa) is an organism that belongs to the Government of Peru, which secures the income of food products by the inspection destined to preserving Peruvian agriculture and livestock richness. In order for Peruvian and international consumers to enjoy healthy and innocuous foods, Senasa inspects foods as a plague and disease control organism.

In Senasa's website there is a research service of products intended for customers so they can explore the requirements for the import, export and international transportation of the specific products they are interested in searching. In the next link, you will find the search service:

In the web page, there is also the possibility to initiate the proceedings of certificates, such as, for example, the phytosanitary requirements for places of production of vegetables, fruits and others that require this certification, the certificate of the phytosanitary permission import of plant products, as well as that used for the export and re-export of plants, plant products and other regulated articles.


1915 La Molina Ave., Lima, Peru

Tel.: (01) 313 3300