What is the History Behind the Easter Eggs?


Easter is very close, that's why we present the meaning of Easter eggs. 

The symbol by excellence of this tradition is the Rabbit, who brings the little ones the eggs that are usually chocolate, but do you know exactly what the tradition of Easter eggs represents?

It is believed that it comes from the southern region of Germany, a place where this practice was gradually taking place in the church, since they took the Easter eggs to bless believing that this gave them special powers according to the colors with which they were painted.

Easter eggs are the symbol in the celebration of Easter, which is a very important date for Christians, because it represents the resurrection of Jesus after his passion on the cross. Therefore, it is said that Easter eggs symbolize the birth to new life and the resurrection that Jesus brings us, as marked by the Bible.

We must say that Easter eggs were already used in different ancient cultures and religions in which fertility and new life were represented. In some cultures, such as the Egyptian and Persian, it was believed that the egg contained the seed of life. In Tato, in Greek mythology, it was believed that the egg was the origin of the universe and that the sun and the moon arose from it.

On the other hand, Easter eggs have a mostly symbolic connotation, that is, they represent new life and resurrection. When the shell breaks, a new life arises and the shell in turn resembles the empty tomb of Jesus after his resurrection, so Easter eggs are a way to remember this biblical passage.

Nowadays, Easter eggs have become a very popular, beautiful and colorful tradition all over the world, both for their religious and personal symbolism. Every year, Easter is the perfect opportunity for parents and children to have fun looking for the hidden eggs and decorating them to their liking with creative designs.

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