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"Don Yeyo" SA
We are an Argentinean company, the fourth generation of a family dedicated to the production of food items derived from flour with more than 30 years of experience
ABC Empaques SRL
We offer rolls, sheets and bags to suit you. The materials we offer are BOPP, CPP, BOPET, cellophane or special laminates. We have all the Neovac equipment, whether they are home packing machines, intensive use or thermal circulators for your Sous Vide cooking. We have a permanent stock of your supplies, embossed bags and rolls, smooth bags in different thicknesses and special bags for meat with bone or with liquids. We have a wide variety of doypack bags with zipper closure. Models in different colors, with window, with degassing valve and others. We have all Lipari brand sealers, we are official distributors. We have sealers of various types, wide, horizontal and vertical with worktable. We hace biodegradable and compostable products, 100% friendly to the environment. We have sheets and bags in various sizes, and totally transparent.
Aboud Pablo Daniel, Aboud Ehrlich Joel AS
Sale of yarn, fabrics and haberdashery items, such as sewing shops, wool shops and other yarn.
Aceitera Baribieri SRL
Founded in 2006, La Aceitera Barbieri is a family business with a long history in the production, packaging and distribution of edible sunflower oils.
Agentex SRL
Agentex S.R.L. is a family business that has been dedicated for more than 40 years to the representation and commercialization of machinery, spare parts and textile accessories. During these four decades we have managed to establish a very close link with our more than 10 represented firms and clients around the world.
PRODUCTION AND COMMERCIALIZATION OF OLIVES, OLIVE OIL AND BY-PRODUCTS Agro Aceitunera S.A. is one of the main exporters of olives in Argentina, with a history of more than 50 years in the country, leading the market. We are synonymous with large volumes of production and marketing, at the same time with high quality. To this is added his marketing capacity and customer service, which has allowed us to increase our leadership year by year. With an annual production capacity of: * 45,000 tns Peeled Green Olive. • 4,000 tons of Natural Black Olives. • 4,000 tons of Oxidized Black Olives. * Own production of more than 50,000 tons per year. • Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of 3,000 tons per year and a weekly dispatch capacity of between 30 and 40 20' containers. Agro Aceitunera S.A. is the largest producer of olives in Argentina. It leads the domestic market with a share of more than 45% through its most important brands: Nucete, Caucete and Cébila. More
Agro Catamarca SA
Nuestra empresa Agro Catamarca S.A., fue fundada en el año 2008, con el objetivo principal de realizar tareas en el marco de "Actividades de Protección Ecológica" en tierras con bosques y montañas vírgenes, amenazadas de tala o daños.
Almacén Extraportuario El Sauce SA
STORAGE FOR GOODS PREVIOUSLY CLEARED AND INTERNED. The Storage service refers to the custody that is provided to the import cargo or other customs destination, in the deposit places assigned by El Sauce S.A., until its delivery to the consignees or to those who represent their rights. The service is provided to the cargo that is delivered indirectly, that is, the delivery between the carrier and the consignee, in the case of imports, and between the consignor and the carrier, in the case of exports, is made through El Sauce S.A., by depositing the cargo in the places provided for this purpose while the process of entry or exit to/from the national territory is carried out. The Storage service is granted in covered or uncovered areas and to the following types of merchandise: General cargo in covered storage. General cargo in uncovered storage. Automotive Loading by your means (PSM) in Yard. Bulk Loading in Yard (on transport vehicle). Unitized General Cargo for human consumption. General... More
Apolo Fish SA
Apolo Fish SA was founded on 05/8/1995. It is dedicated to the elaboration, processing and subsequent commercialization abroad of the main oceanic species caught in the Argentine Sea.
We believe in entrepreneurship and innovation to turn dreams into reality. At Grupo Arcor we started manufacturing candies 70 years ago and today we reach more than 100 countries through our 3 business divisions: Mass Consumption Food, Agribusiness and Packaging.
Avex SA
Avex was born in the face of the need to add value to Argentine primary exports After studying in depth the demand, Avex was established as a complete integration oriented to the sale of high quality products in Argentina and abroad The production is guided by the needs of the customer Avex S.A. Its slaughter plant is a model plant for Latin America.
Baterias Moura de Argentina SA
For more than 60 years, we have been working closely with some of the leading international manufacturers. We have technological partnerships that allow them to get ahead of innovations and enhance the performance of our products.
Benevia SRL
Benevia is an international Company that produces and sells rich and fun products such as Push Pop, Ring Pop and Spring Pop; among other brands. The fundamental characteristic of the products produced and marketed by Benevia is their quality.
Biolube SAS
Contribuimos al cuidado de la zona íntima a través de productos diseñados con la más alta calidad, respeto y consciencia sobre el cuerpo femenino. Cuidamos el bienestar femenino reforzando defensas naturales de la flora vulvovaginal y apuntando a elevar la inmunidad propia, simulando la fisiología natural.
Bonafide SAIC
The history of Bonafide begins in 1917, the year in which Geraldo Trinks, son of coffee importers and with extensive coffee experience acquired in Brazil, decided to open a kiosk in the Passage Güemes, in the heart of Buenos Aires.
BRF Brasil Sea Foods SA
Sadia S.A. is a major Brazilian food producer that is a subsidiary of BRF S.A. since 2009.
Brown 850 SAS
Panificadora Brown was born more than 15 years ago, with the passion for making baked goods and satisfying the different demands of the market. It all started three generations ago where with a lot of effort, research and perseverance, they managed to develop breads with a good crumb.
Cagnoli SA
Cagnoli SA, is a group of high quality beef producers with more than three years of presence in the international market. The care of the welfare of the animals, the quality and uniformity of the meat cuts and the control of each step of the productive and commercial process, are the attributes that differentiate us in the market.
Cerveceria Y Malteria Quilmes SAICA Y G
Since our foundation, in 1890, we have held the conviction of doing a sustainable business. Therefore, in addition to making beverages, we work so that our products are a source of social promotion and creators of value in the communities in which we produce them throughout the country.
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