Marolio Classic Tea Bags (25 units)

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Marolio SA
Corría la década de los 50, cuando un inmigrante italiano, Don Felipe Marvaso, comenzó...
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Our advantages
  • Marolio manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from Latin America
  • Best prices
  • Variety of brands and products
  • High-Demand Category & Consistent Sales: Tea remains a popular and versatile beverage choice. Partnering with Marolio allows wholesalers to offer a reliable and in-demand product in a well-established category, potentially leading to consistent sales volume.
  • Bulk Purchase Savings & Increased Profit Margins: Wholesalers benefit from significant savings when purchasing Marolio Classic Tea Bags in bulk (25 unit packages). This allows for competitive pricing to retailers while maintaining the potential for increased profit margins on your wholesale business.
  • Reduced Storage Space & Efficient Inventory Management: The compact packaging of the 25 unit boxes minimizes storage space requirements for wholesalers compared to larger bulk options. This simplifies inventory management and potentially reduces storage costs.
  • Streamlined Ordering & Lower Fulfillment Costs: The pre-packaged 25 unit boxes allow for streamlined ordering processes for wholesalers. This reduces the risk of overstocking individual tea bags and potentially lowers fulfillment costs.
  • Brand Recognition & Wholesaler Reputation: Marolio is likely a recognized brand known for quality food and beverage products. Partnering with Marolio simplifies sales efforts and leverages brand recognition, potentially attracting retailers looking for trusted and familiar tea options for their customers.

Marolio Classic Tea Bags:

  • Rich and Flavorful: Crafted from high-quality tea leaves, these tea bags deliver a rich and satisfying cup of classic black tea.
  • Individually Wrapped: Each tea bag is conveniently pre-portioned and wrapped for mess-free brewing and easy enjoyment.
  • Perfect for Everyday Enjoyment: Whether you're starting your day, need an afternoon pick-me-up, or unwinding in the evening, Marolio Classic Tea Bags are the perfect companion.
  • Simple to Prepare: Just heat water to the desired temperature, steep a tea bag for a few minutes, and savor the comforting aroma and taste.
  • 25 Tea Bags per Box: This box provides a generous supply of tea bags to keep you satisfied and enjoy a cup whenever the mood strikes.
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