Exporta Fácil

Export your goods from Uruguay using the Exporta Simple program.

What do I need to use the program?

There are some formal and other documentary conditions to be able to operate in this advantageous system:

First of all to be able to operate, if you will send your shipments as a company you need:

  • Be formally registered with BPS and DGI.
  • Be included within the micro, small and medium-sized enterprise category granted by Dinapyme (www.miem.gub.uy ).
  • Obtain the MSME certificate (mipyme).

Your merchandise must be accompanied by:

  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Mandate.
  • Easy Export Form (Customs and Postal Document) (It is printed at the post office at the time of sending your export).

How does it work?:

It's simple. It is enough to follow a few steps:

1) The Client / Exporter, enters the website www.exportafacil.com.uy and to the link "Enter your export". There you enter your Rut, the system verifies if you are an SME with a Dinapyme certificate and then proceeds to fill out the information requested in the Easy Export Form.

2) The system generates a declaration number, which will be used to track your export status. The entered information is sent to the Customs Dispatcher who validates it indicating, for the described goods, tariff nomenclature and the certificates you need. The dispatcher enters the declaration in the National Customs Directorate (DNA) generating the DUA. Once this registration is completed, the DNA system ”Lucia" generates an export number which will be associated by the dispatcher with its corresponding declaration in the course of the notification to the Customer / Exporter, indicating that it can already be presented at the Post office with the necessary additional documentation. All this without charging fees by the dispatcher for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with SME certificate.

3) The Client / Exporter approaches with his merchandise (in closed packaging) and the requested documentation to the authorized offices of Correo Uruguayo, chooses and pays for the distribution service of his shipment / export. Five copies of the simplified declaration are printed for each package, signing on each copy.

The Uruguayan Post office sends to the Operational Center at Carrasco Airport with all the documentation sent by the Customer / Exporter.

Who can export?

Legal entities that have RUT number and are accredited by the National Directorate of Handicrafts, Small and Medium Enterprises (Dinapyme) as Micro, Small or Medium enterprises can export through the SME Certificate.

Exporta Fácil refers to the export of physical goods with weights less than 30 kilograms per package, according to the chosen service.


References and more information: http://www.exportafacil.com.uy/

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