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PayPal Reveals E-commerce Tendencies in Spain

The consumers expectations about brands and online shipping has changed dramatically the past few years PayPal has shared a survey made to Spanish companies and consumers about digital payments. This study was realized during the months of june and july, and here are a few of the tendecies of the consumers expectations: Consumers demand...


Omnicom Media Group Announced the Expansion of Transact

Omnicom Media Group today announced the expansion of Transact, the division specialized in e-commerce consulting and retail media Transact will stay in charge of sales and increase brand's market share on the Ertail platforms, leveraging Omnicom's recently announced partnerships with Amazon, Instacart, Kroger, and Walmart Connect. John Wren, CEO of...


Argentinian Bank Supervielle Streamlines Foreign Trade Operations Based on its Strategic Alliance

The tool arrived as an ideal solution to streamline processes and mitigate compliance risks. How the bank optimizes it In 2022, more than 300 new companies began to carry out their international trade transactions through the Supervielle Bank. One of the pillars for this growth is its alliance with SADDAM, the leading platform in foreign trade....


The Fed Raises Rates by Another 75 Points and Anticipates that it Will Raise them Above 4.5%

The UAE central bank consolidates the largest roche of instruments since the 80s for the love of inflation raises its projections on the price of money. Interest rates in the United States are already at January 2008 levels, before the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The Federal Reserve has followed the script by announcing on Wednesday the third...


The Changes of Soy's Value had an Impact in Argentina

Soy started moving in Chicago and intensified in Argentina After the monthly report of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA, for its acronym in English) that last Monday reported world supply and demand data, a soybean market that had returned to dynamism in recent days was further revived. It was just a surprise for soybeans. The...


Argentinian Scientists Discover How to Develop Milk that Doesn't Cause Digestive Disorders

It is known that cow's milk causes digestive disorders in some people. Until recently it was known that the disturbances were caused mainly by the presence of lactose, one of the sugars in milk. More recent studies show that the content of beta casein A1, a protein present in the product, also has a negative influence. Both factors are considered by...


For Perú, Foreign Trade of Goods Exceeds US$ 68,000 Million

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Roberto Sánchez, pointed out today that the growth of exports and imports of goods registered between January and July of this year, which have generated a total of 68,486 million dollars. He said that the government's actions in foreign trade continue to yield results. In the month of July alone, foreign...


After Queen Elizabeth ll passed away, will it have an impact on UK's economy?

The "Operation London Bridge" plan, which is followed after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, contemplates the suspension of activities in the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II passed away this Thursday, September 8, after 70 years of reign, Buckingham Palace reported as part of the "Operation London Bridge" protocol followed by the British crown....

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