Exporta Simple

Export your goods from Argentina using the Exporta Simple program.
This program facilitates the logistics to make shipments to any country in the world. You don't need to register as an exporter or do paperwork.

How does it work?

To start trading you have to register the service in AFIP with your ID number (CUIT) and Tax Code level 3.

Who is Exporta Simple aimed at?

Mainly for entrepreneurs and SMEs who want to export.

How does Exporta Simple work?

  • If you have already registered, enter with your CUIT and tax code level 3.
  • Upload your products: fill in the information of the merchandise you want to export to calculate the shipping cost.
  • Quote the operation: compare the offers of the different logistics operators Exporta Simple (OLES) certified by Customs.
  • Choose an operator: select the one that suits you according to cost and shipping time.
  • Export: the operator will pick up the goods wherever you want to take it to destination.

What is a logistics operator?

It is an Exporta Simple logistics operator (OLES) that is responsible for removing, sorting, transporting and delivering your merchandise to the destination of your choice.

How do I get a quote?

Once you register in Exporta Simple, on the main dashboard you will find a button that says “Get Started”. The platform will guide you to upload the shipping data of your products and customers. When you finish doing this, you will see a button that says “Quote shipping”, and then a table with the results of the offers of the different operators. You can select the one you want to view more information about each one and contact the one that suits you best.

What products can I export?

They have to be goods produced in Argentina, not reached by prohibition, suspension or export quota. You can also export imported products, but without receiving the benefit of the export refund.

What is the maximum weight and the maximum amount?

You can export goods up to US$ 15.000, without weight limit. In addition, your export cannot exceed US$ 600.000 per year.

Is there a maximum quantity of products I can export?

No, but the shipment must not exceed the established measurements and values:

  • Packages that do not exceed 180 cm x 145 cm (height x width), without depth limits.
  • Up to US$ 15.000 per shipment and up to US$ 600.000 per year

How do I generate the export invoice?

After generating the simplified export document (DES) you will be directed to the AFIP page.

What is FOB price?

It stands for Free on board, and it means that the seller must bear the expenses and costs of moving the goods to the place of dispatch, except for insurance and freight costs. Therefore, once the goods are on the means of transport that will take them to destination, the responsibility is transferred to the buyer.


References and more information: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/produccion/exportar/exportasimple

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