Ship samples

With our Ship Samples Program send trial products to a potential buyer.

What products can I ship as samples?

Almost any retail product can be sent as a sample as long as it is prepared accordingly.
It is important to note that pharmaceutical, chemical and bioindustry products may be subject to different shipping and customs regulations. We suggest consulting locally or contacting us in these cases.

Does my sample require a commercial invoice?

All products that are sent, even if they are a samples, must be sent with a detailed commercial invoice.
It should include:

  • Realistic value.
  • Detailed description.
  • Reason for export (sample).

This way, the package will be properly treated as products that are not for commercial use.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes?

Taxes usually don’t apply to samples. By tearing, perforating, or permanently marking your samples, you can make sure you comply with any requirements.
We suggest checking the rules and regulations that apply to your samples with the relevant authorities or the receiver.

How to pack samples for shipping to your customers

Packing instructions

  • Protect the products with extra protection in case they may break. Be sure not to leave loose items.
  • Place your items in the box: Be sure to cushion the objects inside the box and try to make the package as small as possible. The content should not be left with too much space inside the box and should not take up extra space.
  • Close the box: When the samples are properly accommodated inside the box, be sure to seal the package with tape. You should not leave the package with openings.

Can I ship alcohol samples to my customers?

Yes but alcohol samples can be shipped but under certain conditions and not to every country .It is  important that you are aware of all the procedures and restrictions.

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