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National Agricultural Health Service of Peru (Senasa)

The National Agricultural Health Service of Peru (Senasa) is an organism that belongs to the Government of Peru, which secures the income of food products by the inspection destined to preserving Peruvian agriculture and livestock richness. In order for Peruvian and international consumers to enjoy healthy and innocuous foods, Senasa inspects foods as a...



Mercado Ganadero S. A. is a joint venture of the Rosario Stock Exchange and important treasury agents from different provinces of Argentina. It was born in October 2008 with the participation of three founding partners: Reggi & Co., Ildarraz Brothers. and Rural Etchevehere. The framework of this development had to do with a change of paradigm...


Argentina Chamber of Poultry Producers and Industries

In recent years, our sector has been very active in terms of investment and increased production, in a context of increased prices of inputs, raw materials and associated services, which posed challenges to the competitiveness of industry at the international level. The Argentine poultry industry has positioned itself as a regional leader, with CAPIA...


Pacific Alliance (AP)

The Pacific Alliance (AP for Alianza del Pacífico in Spanish) was created for the need after an economic and development initiative between four Latin American nations: Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Since then, the Alliance has become the starting point of a new way of doing business on the continent. The key to this successful...


EvoLatam: Sourcing in Mexico vs Sourcing in China: Why is Mexico The Next Major Sourcing Destination?

Let’s face it – when we talk about sourcing, we think about China. So why are we suddenly looking at Mexico? It’s no secret that we’ve all had a rough couple of years in business – covid really did us in. Some of us may have thought that all the supply chain backlogs and other issues will be straightened out as soon as everything normalizes, but there...


Argentina Beef Promotion Institute (IPCVA)

The Argentina Beef Promotion Institute (IPCVA) was founded on December 11 th 2001. As a public non-governmental institution, that works for the promotion of beef consumption in Argentina. Role IPCVA’s main role rests in the beef chain consolidation and improvements. On a daily basis, the Institute works to promote Argentine beef...


Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research (AGROSAVIA)

The Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research is a public non-profit entity of decentralized mixed participation. AGOSAVIA does not work together with any political organization, since its purposes are merely scientific and technical. By encouraging the development of research processes, AGROSAVIA works thoroughly in generating scientific knowledge...


Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR)

The Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR for its Spanish initials) is an integration process of the South American region, constituted by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela (State Parties), while Bolivia (in the process of accession), Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru and Suriname are Associated States. Since its...

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