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Buy Wholesale Supplies

Wholesale purchases of supplies represent an advantageous option, both in the personal economy and for those who manage or own businesses. The main idea is to take advantage of the products they offer, along with multiple other benefits. In this article you can learn about these advantages, and how your wholesale purchase can be simplified, especially if you do it at Directoro.

How does wholesale buying and selling work?

Wholesale buying and selling is a commercial operation in which the seller offers great prices, on the condition that the buyer acquires a certain volume of items. In other words, a large amount of each of the products is sold, at a lower price than those in the retail market possess.

In this type of operation, the seller, which is usually a wholesale distributor, applies a profit policy for volume sales. That is, while it sells below the price of the product at the retail level, it compensates for this with the large number of items sold. In this way, it reduces its storage and inventory maintenance costs, which compensates for the discount it gives to the buyer in its prices.

Wholesale buying and selling it is essentially used in the so-called B2B operations, that is, among those that occur between wholesale distributors and retail stores. However, electronic commerce allowed these operations to be even within the reach of the final consumer. And in very exceptional cases, they are offered directly by the manufacturers of the products themselves.

Advantages of wholesale purchases

Best prices

Undoubtedly, the main advantage offered by a wholesale distributor is the significant savings represented by its prices. As you already know, this one uses the so-called volume economy policy, so it offers acquisition costs well below retail sales prices. If you have any doubts about how much you can save, visit our Directoro Store, and be surprised with the prices we offer.

Decreased shipping costs

If you are thinking of creating your own physical or virtual store, buying wholesale products solves a large part of the logistics of shipping your products. For example, our wholesale store Directoro allows you to centralize the shipments of the diversity of products you require, in a single supplier. This way you can greatly simplify the transfer process, and reduce the respective cost.

Find everything in one place

The best accessories wholesalers, like Directoro, have a large inventory of products, so you can buy a wide variety of them, in a single place. In addition, the so-called wholesale bazaars usually offer you web portals, in which they show the products by category, they allow searches by characteristics. These functionalities allow you to properly choose the products, within the immense number of available options.

Safe purchases

A wholesale distributor of supplies such as Directoro is a solid company, which knew how to earn its reputation in the market by dint of fulfilling its commitments. By buying your products there, you will have the confidence that your order will arrive on time, and that the conditions established during the sale will be respected.

How you can take advantage of wholesale distributors

How to make a profit with wholesale purchases?

As an entrepreneur

In Argentina there is a movement of entrepreneurs that, relying on the Internet and social networks, is venturing into retail sales. This is a growing sector, as it does not require a large initial investment and is easily scalable.

Acquiring wholesale accessories in a wholesale distributor you will take advantage of all the advantages mentioned above, which simplifies the management of your venture.

As the owner of workshops or service companies

If your service business requires supplies or consumables, buying such accessories wholesale can help you improve the profitability of your business. Simply, by acquiring in quantity those that you use most often, and thus taking advantage of their lower price, you can reduce your operating costs.

As an individual

You can also take advantage of the benefits of this type of purchase, if you partner with other people, and together they make wholesale purchases. In fact, many families, neighborhood groups and associations take advantage of this fact, to buy at a better price in our online store Directoro.

By grouping the purchase, each of the members can enjoy a wholesale price. Simply, buy in a group, and then I distributed the products among those who were associated in said acquisition.

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to have a company to make a wholesale purchase?

In general, wholesalers accept online purchases from both individuals and companies. That is, you can also purchase your products on a personal basis, without the need to have a business.

In a wholesale accessories purchase, how much can I buy?

There is no set upper limit for purchases, so you can buy as much as your budget and available inventory allows at the accessories wholesaler. However, there is a minimum amount of products that you must buy for the operation to be considered a wholesale. You can find out this information, along with others of your interest, on our shopping portal.

Do online wholesale distributors provide legal invoices?

Yes, of course. Online sales are only a form of commerce, and does not exempt compliance with the laws and regulations in force in Argentina. In particular, at Directoro we ensure that we comply with the entire legal framework governing commercial activity in our country.

Do not wait any longer to enjoy the multiple benefits offered by the purchases of wholesale supplies. Enter our wholesale bazaar Directoro, and select all the products you need for you or your business.