EIMA 2022: Lots of New Agro Equipment Were Presented During The Event


In October 10th, took place the EIMA 2022.

In this contest the latest technological innovations related to agro are presented for the improvement of agricultural procedures and production.

The EIMA 2022 Technical Novelties Competition awarded 62 candidates this year, 25 in the top category and 37 were Mentions. The idea was to present innovative solutions that cover all the items of the wide offer of the contest, such as tractors, machinery, tools, components and specialized electronics, both in agriculture and gardening and maintenance of green spaces.

"The high number of award-winning models shows how the industry invests a lot in R&D and how it is able to quickly bring unprecedented technological solutions, often very advanced, to series production," explained Alessando Malavolti, who is in charge of FederUnacoma. "Today, agricultural machines have a strategic mission, which is to combine maximum productivity with the safeguarding of the environment and make agricultural activity possible in any climatic context, and all this precisely thanks to increasingly current and effective technologies," added Davide Gnesini, head of the Technical Office of FederUnacoma and coordinator of the contest.


The winners of the exhibition were:

• ADR. Easydrive System. Axle for agricultural trailer with the possibility of independent steering on the front axle and power steering on the rear.

* AGROTOP. Closed transfer system for containers of all sizes.

* ANDREOLI. Compact self-propelled vintage UT110-CH500.

* ANTONIO CARRARO. Narrow tractor for vineyards and fruit trees with rubber tracks, articulated frame and hydrostatic transmission.

* ARAG. Solenoid valve for PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technique.

Some of the most important mentions are also:

• HOUSEWIFE. Modular steering column.

* AERMATICA. Drone equipped with a device for the distribution of beneficial insects for Biological Control.

* ITALIAN AGRICULTURAL. Electric planter PK22 Vertical.

* BEKA. Motorized valve for agricultural trailer pneumatic braking system.

• BRAVE. Cart-mixer-distributor of electric forage for livestock farms.

* CAEB. Compact electric round baler for forage.