How to Buy Wholesale Empanadas Dough Discs From Argentina?


How to buy wholesale empanadas dough discs?

In this brief article we are going to explain how and where to buy wholesale empanadas dough discs, which is the cover of the empanada, but first you need to know their origin.

It is believed that Argentinians revolutionated this meal from the Spanish inmigrants. In 1810, there were already street empanadas sellers. The empanadas are similar to a small Mexican "taco", they are basically dough filled with whichever ingredient you like,  generally, meat with onion, olives, eggs, or cheese & ham, even chicken, the list is broad.

But throught the years not only in Argentina, but in other southamerican countries it became a popular food.

Now it is very common that in Northern countries like EE.UU. there are very few places to be able to buy the empanadas dough, because they weren't used to consume them, but through the years, the Latin population grew and there is knowledge of the existance of the empanadas.

So, if you have a restaurant or food delivery business and you are looking for empanadas dough discs, or your clinets are asking for them, you are in the right place.

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