Mercado Ganadero S. A. is a joint venture of the Rosario Stock Exchange and important treasury agents from different provinces of Argentina. It was born in October 2008 with the participation of three founding partners: Reggi & Co., Ildarraz Brothers. and Rural Etchevehere.

The framework of this development had to do with a change of paradigm of agriculture in Argentina, where they developed new forms of production and marketing, with a steady advance of agriculture and the strengthening of a new territoriality productive for livestock which approached innovations. In this way, the large territorial space that separates the breeding areas with the fattening systems, the increase in transport costs and the need to guarantee animal welfare allow new technologies to be applied to make marketing more efficient. Through the use of television (Rural Channel) or streaming ( it facilitates the participation of buyers from different parts of the country who trust the market thanks to the rigorous filming and certification systems we use, documented in standardized procedure manuals that guarantee seriousness and transparency.

These past years, Rosgan has changed a lot, having renovated to provide answers to the challenges proposed by the evolution of the chain of cattle meat and incorporating more technology, adding knowledge, they have created a Price Index of national reference, a Forward Rancher, Electronic Certificates, have accompanied the development of the Future Farmers of Matba-Rofex, launched a marketing application 365 days a year, provided the transmission by streaming in our auctions as the cabins, and developed new markets and opportunities.


More than twelve years ago, the Argentine livestock market needed a leap in quality. With the strength of the Rosario Stock Exchange and a group of highly experienced consignees, they decided to make this great leap, which today is fully consolidated, with more than 3,000,000 heads traded in the market in more than 40,000 commercial operations. Thus, it is the only wintering and breeding cattle market in Argentina.


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