The Surprising Numbers of South America Tradings

South America trading is surprisingly strong despite the recent crisis of supply and distribution of items.

A few market analysis carried out by the Atlas of Business Growth that was carried out jointly by the law firm and the Stern School of Business at New York University showed some surprising numbers.

Argentina, for example, has its main trading partner in Brazil, which represents a great percentage (16%) in terms of exports, followed by China (8.5%) and the United States (6.8%). On the other hand, as for import, the countries and the order in the top 3 are repeated, but with different percentages: 23%, 20% and 11%, respectively.

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The 3 main products that Argentina exports numbers show:

  • Animal feed: 17%
  • Cereals: 13%
  • Vehicles: 9.7%

On the import side it turned out as follows:

  • Vehicles: 15%
  • Industrial machinery: 15%
  • Electrical machinery and equipment: 13%

In its case, Brazil registered from 2016 to 2022 exports mainly with China (27%), the United States (12%) and Argentina (5.6%).
The countries from which they buy mostly in the top 3 are repeated, but with different numbers: 20%, 17% and 6%, respectively.

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The main Brazilian export products are:

  • Oil made from seeds: 13%
  • Minerals and ash: 11%
  • Mineral fuel, oil and waxes: 10%

While, when they analyzed the imports, it turned out as follows:

  • Industrial machinery: 14%
  • Mineral fuel, oil and waxes: 14%
  • Electrical machinery and equipment: 13%

And then comes Colombia, that registered exports mainly to three countries: the United States (31%), China (8.2%) and Panama (6.3%).
As for imports, Colombia mainly receives from United States (27%), China (22%) and Mexico (7.2%).

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Its main export products are:

  • Mineral fuel, oil and waxes: 52%
  • Coffee, tea and spices: 6.9%
  • Precious metals: 5.4%

About the numbers and main incoming products:

  • Industrial machinery: 12%
  • Electrical machinery and equipment: 11%
  • Vehicles: 8.3%