The Wholesale Market in Peru Has a New Record Figure

Almost 8 thousand tons of food entered the wholesale markets

In the wholesale markets of Lima, the prices of the main fresh food products continue to decrease. Today the offer of products totaled almost 8 thousand tons between vegetables and fruits, coming from the Large Wholesale Market of Santa Anita (GMML) and the Fruit Market No.2, as reported by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri).

For example, this morning 5,625 tons of food were registered at the LMMC, highlighting a greater supply of potatoes with 615 tons, a figure higher by 43.8% compared to the previous four Mondays. 

Highlights the sale of Peruvian potato, which was offered at S / 3.93 kilogram, unlike yesterday Sunday, which its price reached S / 4.33 per kilogram; the tumbay potato, the sale price is S / 3.53 and yesterday it was S / 3.73; the American vanilla is S / 2.80 and yesterday it was sold at S / 3.53; the red onion S / 0.68 and yesterday at S / 0.70; the lemon is offered at S/ 1.86 and yesterday S/ 1.89 per kilogram, among others.

As for chicken, it was marketed in the wholesaler between S / 4.52 per kilogram and the price of chicken egg ranges between S / 6.60 and S / 6.40 kilogram.

El consumo de pollo en Perú se acerca a los 50 Kg por peruano y año

While in the Fruit Market No. 2, the revenue of 2,355 tons was recorded, a figure higher by 25.9% compared to the previous four Mondays.

The main offers this morning were creole jungle pineapple from S/ 1.19 to S/ 1.15 kilogram; coquito melon from S/ 1.40 to S/ 1.38 kilogram; jungle papaya from S/ 1.81 to S/ 1.79 kilogram; Hawaiian pineapple from S/ 1.85 to S/ 1.80 kilogram; red balloon grape from S/ 2.04 to S/ 2.00 kilogram; tangelo orange (jungle) 2.11 to S/1.38 kilogram; S/ 2.08 kilogram, among others.    

The Midagri has made available to the public the various applications, such as Agrochatea, Mi Caserita and SISAP.