How Long Does It Take To Cook Beef On The BBQ? Best Temperature To Grill Steaks


How to calculate roasting times

One of the big doubts that surrounds beginner grillers is in what order the different cuts should go on the grill so as not to waste any chance of it coming out delicious. According to the experts, the idea is puting the thickest cuts to give them time to cook correctly.

That is, empty or wide strip roast. At first you should place former cuts like short ribs and flaps, then comes the turn of the chitterlings. Thirdly, it is the turn of the gizzards and the not so thick cuts, 15 minutes after those, we put the ¨chorizos¨. Finally, it will be time to place the blood sausages, which only have to be heated. After 15 minutes of cooking, you will have everything ready to start serving the roast along with the ¨chorizos¨ and offal.

Steak cooking times:

  • Short ribs/ Flaps: First on the leather side and the flaps on the bone side. They take, depending on the size, between 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.
  • Chitterlings: This are placed almost at the same time as the thicker cuts, its done after approximately 50 minutes.
  • Slimmer cuts (tri tip, strip roast, gizzards): Go by the same rule, place them from the leathers side if they have one.
  • Chorizos: They go 15 minutes after the meat is placed, between 45 to 50 minutes of cooking.
  • Blood saussages: Only need to get heated up, place them 20 minutes before the barbecue is done. 
Techniques and secrets of roasting:

Another detail to take into account before putting the meat on the grill is the time you have to calculate to light the fire until it reaches the ideal temperature. If you are going to do it with charcoal, about 20 minutes or half an hour will suffice, but if you are going to roast with wood, at least 40 minutes.

Also, the grids must always be 20 or 35 cm away from the embers to prevent the meat or offal from drying out and losing its juiciness. Remember that the meat should only be turned once, to avoid the same problem, and that everything should be salted and peppered before being put on the fire.
Finally, at the end of your preparation, do not forget to wash the grill grates well to use them again the next time. Take in count that if you use a dirty grill it can contaminate the meat and cause it to lose its essential attributes and flavors for great meal.