How The Countries with Economic Uncertainties Performed at SIAL Paris 2022


SIAL Paris 2022 became for a few days (15-19 October) a source of inspiration for alimentary business.

It is the most important global event in the agro-food sector to be held this year. The SIAL Paris fair is held every two years and is aimed at an exclusively professional audience, it should have done in 2020 but for the Pandemic it got postponed. The event usually calls 19 product sectors and receives more than 140,000 visitors and 5,500 exhibitors.

Nevertheless, as the fair is a great opportunity to seek for new ideas and business opportunities, there are also industries that visit the event that are having serious economic hustles or living different political dramas and are trying to find solutions. Among them the European economy  for example (inflation, energy crisis, devalued euro, etc.), the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the great decline in the Chinese market, the last one affects multiple sectors because of the amount of countries that depends on the Asians country's inversions, its the main destination in volume for Argentine beef for example.

Argentina had the biggest stand

There was determination from the Argentina business as they had the Beef Pavilion, of 1,000 square meters, the largest in the history of the Institute and one of the most important in Hall 6 of meats. Taking in count the previous mentions travels, many of them compensate for the business with shipments to destinations that are not as usual as Azerbaijan, Cyprus or the Philippines.

Costa Rica was back for the fair 

Costa Rica regresa a la feria SIAL París para fomentar oportunidades de  negocio a la industria alimentaria - Periódico Mensaje Guanacaste

Costa Rica was present at SIAL Paris with products such as frozen fruits and vegetables, cane sugar, dehydrated fruits, roasted coffee, baby food, hot sauces and dressings, chocolates and cocoa powder, as well as frozen tubers. It was a great opportunity for the Latin Americans due to what the event has represented for them. The alimentary business for Costa Rica represents a 14% of their exports.

SIAL Innovation Stand 

Pymes argentinas participan en la Sial de París - Bank Magazine

The fair has also different sectors such as Innovation, Start-up, Cuisine and other. The first one, in general, is a trendsetter, provides visitors with expert and updated content about technological innovation and market developments worldwide. It is very helpful for businesses that are trying to elaborate new ideas and that will try to re-enchant your experience. It is the place and time where invention, transition and foresight take place.